Government should grant more incentives and support to the private sector.
İsmail Şenyıl, the owner of İspar Otomotiv , gave interview to a local newspaper in Konya.
Ispar Automotive Chairman Ismail Senyil, "The state might grant financial support to private sector. Therefore, enhancement in incentives will be beneficial for our country," he said.
Ismail Senyıl, who initiated the sales of heavy vehicle brake systems after completion of the military service. He struggled by himself for a long time in order to give momentum for his company and now his company makes exportation. İsmail Şenyıl stated that their next step is to become even better in exports and expand our products such as caliper repair kits, brake discs, brake pads, brake chambers, drum brake components, brake shoes, brake linings, brake drums, wheel bolts, wheel hubs for heavy duty vehicles to the global market.

How did you start your business?


Recommended by a friend that I like very much. I started with love. We had a hard time. First, I started to work with the domestic market. I've worked hard and struggled a lot at the beginning. With the support of business circle in Konya, the support of the Turkish people and the trust in our company, we have acquired a place in the market.

What products do you sell?

We sell caliper repair kits, brake discs, brake pads, brake chambers, drum brake components, brake shoes, brake linings, brake drums, wheel bolts and wheel hubs for heavy duty vehicles.

Do you export?

In 2014 we decided to expand our products to the global market. In the beginning of 2015, we started to export. We hired foreign trade staff. We made trips abroad. As a result of our work, we made an agreement with Ukrainian and Russian customers. We sent product samples to them. Our products were approved by the customers. They visited our facilities in Konya and approved our production units. Our customers' viewpoints about us are extremely positive. Our customer rely on us because of our energetic, hardworking and systematic business style.

To what regions do you sell your products in Turkey?

We are actively working in Aegean region, Central Anatolia, Western Black Sea, Mediterranean and Marmara.

Do you supply all products from Konya?

Yes. All of the products we sell are products from Konya.

Is the ISPAR brand yours?

Yes. ISPAR is the brand name that we have established in Turkey. ISP Auto is the brand name we use in foreign trade. We ship our products to international areas.

Have you considered selling other parts besides the brake?

Customers would like us to be expert in a field and be the best. We are experienced in braking. We will continue here. We forward different demands to the factories in Konya. We help our customers and popularize the brands of our city through Turkey. We're not rejecting demands. What matters here is gaining trust. Making money is second. We do whatever it takes to please the customers. We sell superior qualities.

How many staff do you have?

15 employees are working with us.

Fluctuation in currencies affect you?

Costs have been increasing for imported products. Raw material prices have risen as well. This affected the manufacturing. We cannot comment that the rise of the dollar and the euro in our country worsened the economy. But it is obvious that it has its influence on economy. I do not believe it will have a devastating effect. We think that the rise will continue, but ultimately our business should continue, customers need these products. There will be decreases in sales, but we continue to work without despair.

How do you evaluate the spare parts manufacturing in Konya?

There are companies that manufacture really excellent quality products. We need to appreciate these companies. We see those companies as leaders. But there is a shortage in Konya. Manufacturing is satisfactory however marketing is very weak. This is an important problem. I believe it will be beneficial for companies to work on marketing strategies.

What are your future goals?

We have many goals such as increasing the export figures and contributing to the national economy. At the same time, increasing the number of employees. We aim to grow our company and be useful for the people in the country. We are a company that is gaining momentum and growing. We will continue to work as more solution-oriented and business-oriented. Like everyone else, we aim to grow in the best way and with the highest quality.

Have you ever thought about establishing manufacturing facilities?

3-4 years ago, the government was granting serious production related incentives in our sector. There is currently no the same situation for incentives. There are incentives for energy sector especially in solar energy. If the same incentives were active recently, we could have become more comprehensive and thought of manufacturing. Right now we are trying to do something with our own means.

Are you member of any non-governmental organization?

We do not currently have membership to an NGO.

But why not?

It might be very soon.

Would like to add something other than our questions?

First of all, thank you so much. I would like to stress on a few points. We expect our government to grant more support to the manufacturer and the vendors. We certainly do not demand money from the state. Government might grant incentives by using the necessary means. The government might follow up all stages. For instance, If we bought a machine, the state would ease all processes for the manufacturer through purchasing steps and perform feasibility in facilities on behalf of manufacturers. We hope it will happen as soon as possible.

Thank you

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