How to restore a Brake Caliper?

How to restore a Brake Caliper?
Brake calipers may malfunction for numerous reasons, but no matter how they malfunctions, they must either be replaced or rebuilt. Most caliper rebuild kits are available at ISPAR Auto Parts and are an economical alternative to installing new or remanufactured calipers. Additionally, some caliper part numbers aren't easily available due to a lack of remanufacturing facilities, a lack of restoring calipers due to vehicle age, or low sales volume.

Generally, removing calipers requires the removal of two bolts to separate the caliper from the truck. Where and how these two bolts are attached and removed depends on the vehicle and whether you're doing the fronts or rears.
Piston removal depends on caliper design. Some caliper designs require you to completely remove the caliper before you can remove the piston, whereas there are others that allow you to leave the caliper on the vehicle. You might also notice that most rebuild kits are sold as an axle set instead of individually. We recommend going ahead and rebuilding both sides even if it seems to be a malfunction on one side. It's economical, plus there's a chance the other side may soon have a similar problem as the one you're rebuilding.

Additionally, rear calipers are going to have the parking brake cable, which will need to be separated from the caliper. They also have a significantly different piston removal process. There are different steps for rear calipers following the front caliper section.

Caliper rebuilding should be done properly, however as long as you follow the steps closely it's not that difficult. Here's how to rebuild both front and rear calipers on most cars and light trucks with disc brakes.
Step 1: Jack Up the Car, Support on Axle Stands and Remove the Wheel
Step 2: Remove the Caliper
Step 3: Pump out the Piston Using Brake Pressure
Step 4: Remove the Old Seals and Clean Up the Caliper
Step 5: Fit the New Piston & Seals
Step 6: Replace Any Extra Parts, Refit the Caliper & Bleed the Brakes

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